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Compose an altar: place a censer in the center before an image of
the Goddess. Have a twelve-inch (or so) round mirror there as well.
Ring the altar with nine white candles. Burn a protective incense
(such as sandalwood, frankincense, copal or rosemary) in the censer.
Beginning with the candle most directly before the Goddess image,
say these or similar words:

Lunar light protect me!

Repeat as you light each candle until all are glowing.
Now, holding the mirror, invoke the Goddess in her lunar aspect
with these or similar words:

Great Goddess of the Lunar Light
and Mistress of the Seas;
Great Goddess of the Mystic Night
and of the Mysteries;
Within this place of candles bright
and with Your mirror nigh;
Protect me with Your awesome might
while ill vibrations fly!

Standing before the altar, hold the mirror facing the candles so
that it reflects their flames. Keeping the mirror toward the candles,
move slowly, clockwise, around the altar, watching the reflected
firelight bouncing off your surroundings.

Gradually increase your speed, mentally invoking the Goddess to
protect you. Move faster and faster; watch the light shattering the
air, cleansing it, burning away all negativity and all lines along
witch the ill energies have traveled into your home.

Charge your home with the protective light of the Goddess. Race
around the candles until you’ve felt the atmosphere change, until you
feel that your home has been cleansed and guarded by the Great

When finished, stand once again before the image. Thank the
Goddess in any words you wish. Pinch out the candles one by one, bind
them together with white cord and store them in a safe place until
(and if) you need to use them again for this same purpose.


The Law of Wicca

The Law of Knowledge- to affect a thing you must know that thing.

The Law of Names- to know the true name of a thing is to have power over that thing. And to give something a name gives it power.

The Law of Contagion- anything that has been in contact with something else maintains contact with that thing.

The Law of Association- if a thing reminds you of something else, it can be used as a simulacrum for that something else for magical purposes.

The Law of Polarity- everything contains and implies its opposite

The Law of Identification- by your will you may become anything.

The Law of Invocation- there are forces outside you that you can tap.

The Law of Evocation- there are forces inside you that you can tap.

The Law of Infinite Data- there is more in the universe than we can sense or know, learning never stops.

The Law of Infinite Universes- Change your perspective and you change your universe. There are always three choices available.

The Law of Cause and Effect- the same actions performed under exactly the same conditions will always produce the same results.

The Law of Pragmatism- If it works, it is true

The goddess is seen as Mother Earth, and/or Mother Nature. The moon represents her. That’s why the witch is most powerful when it’s full moon. She is seen in the fertility of anything of nature.

The God is seen as the grain, sun, and the hunt. In prehistoric times most hunted animals were horned animals so the God is also known as the Horned One

Witches don’t mess with evil. Their rede is “If It Harms None, Do What You Will” which means, “Do whatever you want as long as you don’t harm anyone, including yourself.” Also they believe in the times 3 law (3 fold law) which means, whatever you send out comes back times three, good or bad

The pentagram is the symbol of out religion; it’s the 5-pointed star, with the circle around it. Lot’s of people are confused with the pentagram which is just a plain 5 pointed star and the pentacle. I’m actually working on a symbols page at the moment, as soon as I get my scanner going I can show all the meanings etc

We have a lot of other symbols as well. The pentacle is most commonly used, which is just the 5-pointed star with a circle around it. There are also symbols for the Goddess, God, Earth, Air, Fire Water Magical Energy, purification etc. Also the a “Witch“‘s colours are black and purple

These are helpful in the evaluation of a spell or just to learn the philosophy of Wicca