The goddess is seen as Mother Earth, and/or Mother Nature. The moon represents her. That’s why the witch is most powerful when it’s full moon. She is seen in the fertility of anything of nature.

The God is seen as the grain, sun, and the hunt. In prehistoric times most hunted animals were horned animals so the God is also known as the Horned One

Witches don’t mess with evil. Their rede is “If It Harms None, Do What You Will” which means, “Do whatever you want as long as you don’t harm anyone, including yourself.” Also they believe in the times 3 law (3 fold law) which means, whatever you send out comes back times three, good or bad

The pentagram is the symbol of out religion; it’s the 5-pointed star, with the circle around it. Lot’s of people are confused with the pentagram which is just a plain 5 pointed star and the pentacle. I’m actually working on a symbols page at the moment, as soon as I get my scanner going I can show all the meanings etc

We have a lot of other symbols as well. The pentacle is most commonly used, which is just the 5-pointed star with a circle around it. There are also symbols for the Goddess, God, Earth, Air, Fire Water Magical Energy, purification etc. Also the a “Witch“‘s colours are black and purple

These are helpful in the evaluation of a spell or just to learn the philosophy of Wicca