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Halloween witches, 1910


The Witch Within

 As a child, did you ever make mud pies, but knew that your concoction wasn’t quite right until you added that special blade of grass or flower or berry on top? “Then you know the care a witch puts into his/her brew and the painstaking importance of every last magickal ingredient in his/her spell”.

As an adult, have you ever prepared a meal for others and paid careful attention to the ingredients that you were using because you wanted it taste scrumptious along with being healthy? “Then you have practiced a bit of kitchen witchery”. Have you ever looked up into the sky and seen clouds that resembled an animal or a person’s face or some other object? “Then you have divined like a witch”. Have you ever as a child (or even as an adult ..) attempted to make one of those clouds disappear through the sheer power of your mind? “Then you have practiced a little weather magick”.

Have you ever spoken to your pet as if they were human, or known what they wanted by simply observing their actions or the look in their eyes? “Then you have begun to communicate as a witch does with a familiar”. Have you ever felt sad and cried when something or someone you didn’t even know got hurt or died? “Then you have experienced one of the many feelings of the empathic witch”.

Have you ever had a fortunate “coincidence” happen to you, or a project that seems to have flowed flawlessly, or written a book that feels as if it wrote itself? “Then you’ve been introduced to synchronicity and the witch’s secret of aligning with the Universe”. Have you ever had everything go wrong, or struggled to write even a simple sentence, or felt strangely down and out-of-sorts for no reason? “Then you know the first step of the witch’s secret of how s/he knows s/he is *not* aligned with the Universe”.

Have you ever spoken a quick prayer for your safety or the safety of others? “Then you have practiced one part of a witch’s protection spell”. Have you ever wished it would stop raining and then the sun made a sudden appearance, or ever wished someone would just go away…and they did? “Then you have touched on the powers of a witch”.

Have you ever been attracted to or studied ancient mythology and become familiar with names such as Zeus, Artemis, Aphrodite… Diana, Jupiter, Venus… Isis, Horus, Bast… Freya, Odin, Thor… Brigid, Cerridwen, or Lugh? “Then you know something of a witch’s pantheon and who s/he might be consorting with”.

Have you ever woken up refreshed and said “hello” or “good morning” to the sun? “Then you have hailed and honored one of the many witch’s Gods”. Have you ever gotten so angry that unwittingly whatever you were holding in your hand broke… felt your pulse quicken during a scary movie… found something so funny that you couldn’t stop laughing at until your sides hurt… or been on the tail-end of a “whip” at the roller skating rink? “Then you have experienced a wee dose of raised energy”.

Have you ever planted a garden and firmly patted the rich dark soil around a seedling, sat by the heat of a fire and wondered what fire actually was, gone swimming in the ocean and felt its undertow grab at your feet, or listened to the howls of the wind before a storm? “Then you have played with aspects of the Elements a witch works with”. Have you ever “wow”ed at a sunset or sunrise, the largeness of the moon as it crests the horizon, the wrath of the ocean waves during a storm, or.. (insert your own “wow” moment here)..? “Then you have felt what a witch feels all the time”.

Have you ever daydreamed of making love in the grass under a full moon, or in a field of lavender under a blazing sun, or in the water of a pristine lake under a canopy of twinkling stars, or on the beach in the rain during a thunderstorm? “Then you have dreamed of what a witch does”. Have you ever sunk your teeth into a ripe peach or melon, savored the flavor of mint or butter pecan ice cream, or enjoyed a slice of freshly-baked apple cinnamon pie? “Then you have tasted the sweetness of a witch’s Goddess”.

Have you ever marveled over how the crystals grew inside that geode, or over the intricacies of a seashell’s form, or over the infinite pattern of a fractal, or over the face that looks back at you in the mirror? “Then you have glimpsed the Goddess/God in you”.

~Patricia J. Martin~

When ye choose the path of the solitaire

To be one with earth, fire, sea, and air,

An oath ye take to initiate

Thyself into thy truest state…


No longer be as flesh and bone,

See thyself as Spirit’s own

Whatever path of faith ye take

Learn it well for thine own sake…


In thy craft be diligent

Lest thy knowledge be quickly spent

Learn to seek and seek to learn

An elder’s wisdom never spurn…


For though ye choose to walk alone

Heed the knowledge ye are shown

The laws ye choose which to abide

Let them be thy daily guide…


Always heed the law of three

For what ye send shall return to thee

What ye conjure here, ye should know

Manifests above as it does below…


As for the law, An it harm none

Let thy soul decide what must be done

Protect thyself and thy kin

Lest any harm should come to them…


Be mindful of what’s right and just

To live in perfect love and trust

Find balance in thy life and deeds

Look within to fulfill thy needs…


Tis not a path for the faint of heart,

So heed this wisdom I now impart

To thine own self be always true

In all ye say and all ye do…


Still thy tongue from words of wrath

Do not slight another’s path

For when all is said and done,

We each are but a part of One…


Keep this knowledge in thy heart

From its wisdom never part

This I say, so mote it be

Merry part and blessed be !


Each year they parade her about:
The traditional Halloween witch.

Misshapen green face,
stringy scraps of hair,
and a toothless mouth
beneath her disfigured nose.

Gnarled, knobby fingers
twisted into a claw,
protracting from a bent
and twisted torso
that lurches about on wobbly legs.

Most think this abject image
to be the creation of
a prejudiced mind,
or merely a Halloween caricature.

I disagree.
I believe this to be
how witches were really seen.

Consider that most witches:
were women,
were abducted in the night,
and smuggled into dungeons or prisons
under the secrecy of darkness
be presented by the light of day
as a confessed witch.

Few, if any,
saw a frightened,
normal looking woman
being dragged into a secret room
filled with instruments of torture.
To be questioned
until she confessed
to anything that was suggested to her,
and to give names
or say whatever would stop the questions.

Crowds saw the aberration
denounced to the world
as a self-proclaimed witch.

As the witch was paraded
through the town,
en route to be burned,
hanged, drowned, stoned,
or disposed of
in various, horrible ways,
all created to free
and save her soul
from her depraved body.

The jeering crowds
viewed the results
of hours of torture

The face, bruised
and broken by countless blows,
bore a hue of sickly green.

The once warm and loving smile
Replaced by a grimace
of broken teeth ,
and torn gums
that leer beneath a battered,
disfigured nose.

The disheveled hair
conceals bleeding gaps
of torn scalp
from whence cruel hands
had torn away the lovely tresses.

Broken, twisted hands
clutched the wagon for support.
Fractured fingers locked like groping claws
to steady her broken body.

All semblance of humanity gone.
This was truly a demon,
a bride of Satan, a witch.

I revere this Halloween Witch
and hold her sacred.
I honor her courage
and listen to her warnings
of the dark side of humanity.

Each year I shed tears of respect.