In the practice of witchcraft the New Moon is the beginning of the moon’s lunar cycle and launches the plans for a new month’s rituals and spell work. Most traditions believe that the first nights of this new cycle are a time to begin long term projects that need great detail and devotion to task. Others believe there should be a focus on the planning of ceremonies and rituals for the coming month.

In those traditions that do not worship the Dark Moon this phase is a time to rest and regenerate personal energy or plan for the next month’s ceremonies and rituals. Divination is often suggested to consult and plan spell work for future rites, or do psychic work.

The Goddess is believed to be in her aspect of the Maiden during the New Moon phase, or she is thought to be absent during this time in preparation for the new cycle. Those who believe she is present worship a Maiden goddess that seems appropriate for their magickal focus.

Goddesses that are often involved or asked to join the circle may include:Serope, Artemis, Brighid, Caenis, Chrysaor, Clotho, Elate, Elektra, Isis, the Kotharat, Linda, Maiden, Mary, Nimue, Prosymna, Stella Maris, Tiamat, the White Goddess of Birth and Growth, Yemaya

Gods that may be involved or asked to join the magickal work include:Aglibol, An, As-im-Babbar, Hillel, horned gods, Nanna, Sin, Suen, Yarisk (Lord of the Sickle)

Magickal work or spell casting is often similar to that of the Dark Moon with the focus on personal growth and divination. Rest and regeneration is stressed among those who do not do spell work or magick during this time. Spell work is usually focused on new adventures or beginnings, love, romance, and health. Cleansing and purifying rituals for the body and mind are also considered to be important during this phase in order to prepare for the new cycle of the lunar calendar that is about to begin. Magickal work that is related to creating inner harmony and peace is also suggested, or work surrounding the designating of sacred spaces to perform witchcraft rituals and ceremonies. This phase of the moon often rules over the following forms of spell casting:Beginnings, Birth, Cleansing and Purification, Divination, Heath, the Hunt, Initiation, Love and Romance, New Adventures, Personal Growth, Rest and Regeneration, Virginity

The colors white and silver are often used for the altar and offerings or other decorations for the sacred space when planning and preparing for a New Moon ritual.

When the New Moon begins is debated among the different traditions of witchcraft along with the concept of the Dark Moon. The three days between the last night of the Waning Moon and the first night of the New Moon is most often accepted as the time of the Dark Moon. The faith’s who believe this also believe the first night that the crescent sliver of the New Moon is seen in the sky, Diana’s Bow, is the first night of the New Moon. Yet some faiths believe that the New Moon begins the night the sun and the moon are aligned on the same side of the earth, which is about four days after the end of the Waning Moon, and is not visible to the naked eye for at least one more night.