When ye choose the path of the solitaire

To be one with earth, fire, sea, and air,

An oath ye take to initiate

Thyself into thy truest state…


No longer be as flesh and bone,

See thyself as Spirit’s own

Whatever path of faith ye take

Learn it well for thine own sake…


In thy craft be diligent

Lest thy knowledge be quickly spent

Learn to seek and seek to learn

An elder’s wisdom never spurn…


For though ye choose to walk alone

Heed the knowledge ye are shown

The laws ye choose which to abide

Let them be thy daily guide…


Always heed the law of three

For what ye send shall return to thee

What ye conjure here, ye should know

Manifests above as it does below…


As for the law, An it harm none

Let thy soul decide what must be done

Protect thyself and thy kin

Lest any harm should come to them…


Be mindful of what’s right and just

To live in perfect love and trust

Find balance in thy life and deeds

Look within to fulfill thy needs…


Tis not a path for the faint of heart,

So heed this wisdom I now impart

To thine own self be always true

In all ye say and all ye do…


Still thy tongue from words of wrath

Do not slight another’s path

For when all is said and done,

We each are but a part of One…


Keep this knowledge in thy heart

From its wisdom never part

This I say, so mote it be

Merry part and blessed be !