Elementals are the mystical creatures that are deemed to live within the spirit realm of the elements air, earth, fire, and water. They are watched over and controlled by the Lords of the Watchtowers or Guardians.

Air spirits are known as Sylphs

Earth spirits are known as Gnomes

Fire spirits are known as Salamanders

Water spirits are known as Undines.

Folklore traditionally had it that elementals were somewhere between somewhat fickle and downright evil. They were thought to trick, trap, and kill people. It was this commonly held belief centuries ago that played a major part in many of the witch hunts.

Elementals can be called upon to assist you in your magick but care should always be taken to control them.

Their ability to help you effectively can be determined by checking out their “profiles” on adjoining pages. Each has its own list of spell types that they are known for.