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The Mirror and Moon Spell


The World without Witches By Robert P Potts


Apathy spell

image The candles have been lit, your friends are gathered, and the board has been opened.  What will you experience this night?  Will you be visited by a benevolent spirit, a trickster, or perhaps something much worse?  Do you seek light hearted fun, spiritual insight, or to simply peer into the unknown for the briefest of moments? 

Much of what you experience will be determined not by the board itself, but by your frame of mind when participating and the company you keep.Ouija boards, also known as witch boards, talking boards, spirit boards, channeling boards, and oracle boards have been around since 1850.  Are they a harmless teenage game, a doorway to the spirit world, or a tool of the devil?  Your answer will depend upon whom you query.  A source of fear for some, a tool for others, for many a simple childhood game. 

Whichever you believe Ouija boards are undeniably shrouded in mystery and lore.The classic Ouija board is simply a wooden plank covered with letters and numerals used to communicate with spirits.  In addition to the board you’ll need some sort of pointing device be it a glass or planchette. 

There is no rigid layout that a talking board must adhere to.  A standardized etiquette for Ouija board setup doesn’t exist.  Literally any surface with letters and numerals will suffice, be it a magnificent slate board or a piece of scribbled upon notebook paper.  Given the correct circumstances and a receptive mind, a spirit may communicate through either.Existing for over 150 years, the classic Ouija board has evolved from a harmless novelty item to something much more. 

While many first viewed it as a simple game or oddity, after the release of the Exorcist in 1973 it became ostracized by many.  The movie gave the board such a grim reputation that people destroyed them in droves.  It’s said that when the movie was first released, highly religious folks would drive out of their way rather than pass directly in front of a theater showing the film.Now that reputation has diminished somewhat, but the mystique remains.  It is now used by everyone from the merely curious, to skilled psychics and mediums. 

Whether you regard it with a healthy dose of skepticism, fear it, or view it as a valuable tool for humanity, you’ll agree that the Ouija board is part of America’s lore.Brew a strong cup of tea, settle back in a comfortable chair, select a topic from the menu to your left, and with an open mind enter the world of the Ouija. image


In folklore, witches use brooms or besoms (brooms made of bundled twigs) to fly through the air at high speed. In Renaissance and medieval times, the belief that witches traveled by broom was more prevalent on the European continent than in the British Isles. Only once are brooms mentioned in English witch trials. Nonetheless, the image of a witch riding a broomstick has become a popular cultural stereotype. Several theories explain this association of brooms with witches:
~~Brooms are a symbol of female domesticity. Centuries ago, a woman would push her broom up the chimney or prop it outside the door to show to callers and neighbors that she was out of the house. From there, it was an easy step to believe that witches, who purportedly could fly, would use their most common tool and soar up the chimney on it.

– Many flying potions contained hallucinogenic ingredients. If a broomstick was rubbed with such potions and used for riding or masturbatory purposes, a sensation of flight would result.

– The benandanti used stalks of sorghum in their battles against evil witches. Sorghum is a type of millet identified with brooms.

– The association between witches and brooms goes back to ancient times, when pagans performed fertility rites to induce their crops to grow high. These people mounted pitchforks, poles, and brooms, and rode them like horses in the fields, leaping high into the air and dancing.

– The correlation between brooms and witches is not noticeable until the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Before then, witches were depicted astride shovels, sticks, forks, hurdles, and demon-animals. Eventually, witches were shown more on either demons in the forms of animals or on brooms.

At first, the brush end of a broom (or faggot), was pointed downwards so the witch could ‘sweep her tracks from the sky.’ This is the stereotypical image we still see on the verge of the 21st century. Nevertheless, by the end of the 17th century, the reverse was true. Witches often rode with the faggot-end up, with a candle in the faggot to light the way.

In some lore, the Devil dispensed brooms and flying ointment to weak witches who needed help. In other tales, all newly initiated witches were presented with the broom and ointment. If the witch was inside a house, she theoretically rose through the chimney, although in court, few witches ever acknowledged doing such a thing. Sorcerers flew on brooms as well as witches, but men were more often shown riding pitchforks.

According to lore, witches flew their brooms to the sabbats, sometimes carrying along demons or their familiars in the shapes of animals. They also rode their brooms to fly out to sea in order to raise up storms. On witch festival nights such as Walpurgisnacht, townspeople laid out hooks and scythes to kill any witches who fell off their brooms. The also rang church bells, which had the power to ground broomsticks and knock witches off them.

A famous Scottish witch of the 17th century, Isobel Gowdie, claimed to have used her broom for an atypical reason. Instead of using it for traveling, she used it to deceive her husband. Before going to a sabbat, Isobel substituted her broom for herself in bed. She said he never knew the difference, which might have been more of a comment on their marriage than a confession of witchcraft).


The house for a person is one of the basic subjects to feel protected and successful. We decorate our houses with love and according to our intuition. Our house is our fortress. This is a place where we have a rest, sleep and replenish our strength. This place should be very pleasant, harmonious and comfortable.

Feng shui bases on knowledge to make our homes comfortable and harmonious. At a close sight you will find out the similarity of your intuition and this knowledge. Take a privilege of feng shui knowledge to balance your house with the earth energy. Here are some general feng shui tips for your house…

– Keep all areas of your house and garden free of clutter for easy chi flowing

– every subject at home should be loved by you, if not get rid of it

– Place a  merchant ship at a place where you need water element.  Merchant ships are excellent symbols of prosperity. Your ship can’t bring you luck if it’s empty. Fill it up with cargo, f.ex. money, gold bars (real or fake), ingots, jewellery, loose gemstones, crystals, semi-precious stones, faux diamonds, pearls etc.

– Everything should be in working condition, without cracks and splits, if not get rid of it.

– Your main door must be of positive for you color, 

–  Your bedroom should be as far as possible from the main door

– Every premise must be organized according to your individual feng shui 

– Your life in the house will be happy and prosperous when you practice positive thinking, get acquainted with the bases of positive thinking you can to the following page

– Always keep the toilet lid down while not in use. It stops the money from going down the drain.

– Keep brooms,(unless you’re a witch) mops and trash bins out of sight. It is important for family’s well being.

– Use wind chimes on the main doors of  your house will distract the negative energy from entering the house

  Feng shui is all about flow and balance. If your home is cluttered, that flow and balance is hampered and the feel of your home is less peaceful than you may desire.

.  The most important and central thing is to clear clutter the cleaner your space, the more energy can flow.

 The water fountains or the fish tanks in the house should be placed in your favorable direction or area 

 No shoes beside the door The doorway to your house is where Chi comes in. Try to avoid keeping shoes right beside the main door as the Chi picks up the smell and brings sickness into the house.

. Avoid marble furniture and any marble images, because it increases the work pressure and causes the fragmentation and instability in your life. The same situation is with mirror mosaic.

. Face the door while you’re

asleep Avoid having the foot of your bed directly in line with your doorway, because your energy shifts.

 Rearrange Your furn

iture Less is better as having too many pieces of furniture makes a room cluttered and prevents the flow of new

and positive opportunity. 

Avoid placing mirrors opposite beds Having a mirror opposite your bed may attract a third individual to the relationship or cause problematic sleep.

Always keep the bedroom doors, closet doors, bathroom doors closed, as it helps you to have a healthy relationship as well as helps strengthen your health.

 Select right colors. Colors should comp

liment the nature of a room as well as its direction.

The right selection of personal items and placement is a key to maintaining a

healthy household.