The house for a person is one of the basic subjects to feel protected and successful. We decorate our houses with love and according to our intuition. Our house is our fortress. This is a place where we have a rest, sleep and replenish our strength. This place should be very pleasant, harmonious and comfortable.

Feng shui bases on knowledge to make our homes comfortable and harmonious. At a close sight you will find out the similarity of your intuition and this knowledge. Take a privilege of feng shui knowledge to balance your house with the earth energy. Here are some general feng shui tips for your house…

– Keep all areas of your house and garden free of clutter for easy chi flowing

– every subject at home should be loved by you, if not get rid of it

– Place a  merchant ship at a place where you need water element.  Merchant ships are excellent symbols of prosperity. Your ship can’t bring you luck if it’s empty. Fill it up with cargo, f.ex. money, gold bars (real or fake), ingots, jewellery, loose gemstones, crystals, semi-precious stones, faux diamonds, pearls etc.

– Everything should be in working condition, without cracks and splits, if not get rid of it.

– Your main door must be of positive for you color, 

–  Your bedroom should be as far as possible from the main door

– Every premise must be organized according to your individual feng shui 

– Your life in the house will be happy and prosperous when you practice positive thinking, get acquainted with the bases of positive thinking you can to the following page

– Always keep the toilet lid down while not in use. It stops the money from going down the drain.

– Keep brooms,(unless you’re a witch) mops and trash bins out of sight. It is important for family’s well being.

– Use wind chimes on the main doors of  your house will distract the negative energy from entering the house

  Feng shui is all about flow and balance. If your home is cluttered, that flow and balance is hampered and the feel of your home is less peaceful than you may desire.

.  The most important and central thing is to clear clutter the cleaner your space, the more energy can flow.

 The water fountains or the fish tanks in the house should be placed in your favorable direction or area 

 No shoes beside the door The doorway to your house is where Chi comes in. Try to avoid keeping shoes right beside the main door as the Chi picks up the smell and brings sickness into the house.

. Avoid marble furniture and any marble images, because it increases the work pressure and causes the fragmentation and instability in your life. The same situation is with mirror mosaic.

. Face the door while you’re

asleep Avoid having the foot of your bed directly in line with your doorway, because your energy shifts.

 Rearrange Your furn

iture Less is better as having too many pieces of furniture makes a room cluttered and prevents the flow of new

and positive opportunity. 

Avoid placing mirrors opposite beds Having a mirror opposite your bed may attract a third individual to the relationship or cause problematic sleep.

Always keep the bedroom doors, closet doors, bathroom doors closed, as it helps you to have a healthy relationship as well as helps strengthen your health.

 Select right colors. Colors should comp

liment the nature of a room as well as its direction.

The right selection of personal items and placement is a key to maintaining a

healthy household.