Witches tools

Witch balls have become a staple in my house IĀ  have one in every window and above doors leading to the outside,. I fully believe in their magic to capture unwanted spirits and energy in their webs and to keep them from entering the home, as well as in their beauty and the way the light sort of dance around them.

The magic of a Witch Ball is to ward off evil spirits, evil witch spells, and ill fortune, by capturing them in the hollow interior. As the spirit is mesmerized by the ball’s color and reflection, it enters the ball and is caught by it’s weblike inside.

I have sort of broadened my witch glass collection to include these beautifulĀ  Gypsy Witch Balls, made in the magical land of Romania. Included is still the traditional old english witch ball in all it’s raw beauty and power along with some new magical additions.

The Gypsy Reflector: Sometimes you need even more protection on the outside. Some people shy away from blatantly putting a mirror in front of their home to deflect unwanted negative energies, spirits and just plain bad people.

These protection witch balls are beautiful.. The magic of the Witch GlassBalls is to ward off evil spirits, evil witch spells, and ill fortune, by reflecting their intention right back at them while the crackle helps to break up their intention and take the power away from ill will.

They are perfect to hang outside your front door as a beautiful decoration, or in a tree…the sun will reflect off it beautifully and it will add protection and draw in the powerful energies of each individual ball by it’s color and properties.